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Thursday, November 18, 2004

An Indescribable Tranquillite

After a whole series of stressful events these past months, ending with yesterday's (more to come next week), I was not able to sleep well last night, waking up with a splitting headache, gastric pain and feeling feverish.

But I truly miss the lovely foliage of the Kent Ridge Park, not having run there for a while. At about 11.30am, headache notwithstanding, I went for a run. My headache disappeared, like magic, the minute my feet hit the trail.

I have been running this lovely, lovely, tree-lined slopey trail for more than three years, and each time, the therapeutic effect never fails. No matter how tired (physically or mentally), frustrated, or stressed, I feel so healed. It is soooooo quiet there, the still, silent, green lakes remind me of the English countryside that I used to drive around.

Apart from the chirping birds and crickets, I could only hear my own quickened breathing, and the accelerated pounding of my heart as I ran up those steps. A thousand worries, a million thoughts, a zillion crazy ideas raced through my mind as I ran along this afternoon, at the same time pretty pleased with my light-footedness today (other days I could be feeling sooo weighty!).

Lost in my thoughts, I still managed to jump away abruptly - to avoid a menacing anteater that appeared out of no-where. Some afternoons I had to avoid snakes, chameleons, squirrels, and other creepy crawlies too in the middle of my path. What a good way to test my reflexes!


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