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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Timeless Classic

A friend of mine dresses very smartly for work. Granted, he is not local, and works in an international bank located in the central business district. Still, with his tie, cuff links and vest matching his pants, he is certainly an above-average dresser. Most men in Singapore, local or otherwise, would be content with just a tie.

There are certainly advantages to being well dressed. The sour grapes might snigger and make snide remarks. But the ‘’level of respect and regard’’ somehow increases too.

Each time he appears at the gym towel counter with me, he gets ‘’sir-ed’’ many times. At times when we was not with me, the counter staff would ask me, ‘’your boss is not with you today?’’

My boss?! No, he is a friend. And he is many years younger than me!

Tomorrow I have a tough meeting with two senior manipulative bitches - I mean – ‘’bosses’’ - in my company. When I got the email notification this Sunday, I had been mentally preparing to do battle with all my talk points and arguments, to prevent being mauled mercilessly by them.

I suddenly remember my friend’s sartorial taste, and the three piece days of my previous work life. Why have I degenerated into wearing dresses and simple shirt and skirt ensemble these days? True, you don’t want to overdress, and you want to blend into the casual culture of your work place.

But I should not shun smartness and maintaining my own high standard, just to pander to the masses.

I dug out my suits, all neatly tucked in my wardrobe. No matter how much I have sworn off branded stuff these few years, my eyes could not help ‘’drool’’ over the superb workmanship of my Hugo Boss suits. I am mighty glad that I had once upon a time been able to afford such timeless class, and classic. My hands caressed the solid fabric, and sturdy stitches. Ah, the feel of sheer quality, elegance, and style!

I even took out all my classic Tiffany jewellery, and picked a simple brooch and pair of ear rings to go with my 8 year old navy blue suit. Timeless classic, selected with good taste, will always make you feel expensive, no matter how old the pieces are.

Tomorrow, I know I should not be hiding behind my jacket, sterling silver or a brand. I should face the meeting squarely based on my intellect, competence, and integrity, something sorely lacking these days in the work place.

But my suit and ageless silver will be my confidence booster, and I will walk into the meeting room, feeling taller, even smarter, and more ready for battle.


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