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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Retirement planning

It's so fashionable to ''invest'' and save up for retirement. They buy insurance policies, they hoard money, they buy shares...

There is another form of investment. Investment for your mind, body and soul. Who knows what will happen when you are old and retire? Who knows if your friends and loved ones will always be around and near you? Who knows if you somehow need to live in another country, or earn a living in a foreign land?

Investement in your body and health is not difficult. Start now by keeping fit, rather than merely buying health and hospitalisation insurance policies. Investment in your mental faculties is not too difficult either - acquire new skills - be it in a new language or in some craft. Someday, you just might need them - to survive in a foreign land, or to eke out a living by using your craft skills. Money cannot buy you everything - you need to communicate and bond with people! Learning a new language also means learning its culture, history and arts - an investment in your soul.


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