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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Twenty-five Years Later, in Singapore

She is Thai. He is Kuwaiti. They met in Kuwait, 25 years ago, dated for quite a while, but ended their story because ‘’it didn’t work out if you’re non-Kuwaiti’’, she said.

They bumped into each other in Thailand by chance a few months ago and decided to ‘’continue our friendship’’.

It’s a small world. Thanks to their extensive business travels, they now have an opportunity to meet up in Singapore next week.

She hopes to have a good time with him when they meet. She is now happily married with two grown-up children. But I think he still occupies a special place in her heart, after all these years.

I can tell, from her unexpected revelation and tender eloquence in her email (she is normally very brief!). Only a grieving, heart-broken woman can sense it.

Have a good time, my friend. I wonder how I will handle it if I were to chance upon the love of my life after 25 years. Right now, even 25 days of separation is a torture.


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