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Saturday, January 22, 2011


As the sun makes its slow journey to the west, it accompanies me on my run at the Botanic Gardens.

Before it disappears completely, it illuminates my paths and warms my heart, providing me with the sheer joy of the twilight that I’ve grown to love.

I try not to be distracted by the indescribable ‘’neither light nor dark’’ sky. The still, silent ponds glisten serenely. The gentle breeze propels me forward. As I relish my first run after a four-day break, I am thankful for a day just ended. A day when a nice email from a far away friend brought me a smile, a day when an ex colleague enquired if I liked the snacks she’d given me, a day when someone dropped by my desk just to say hello and to pass on his wife’s well wishes… a day when I still miss someone dearly.

Is this why some people love the twilight? Because it’s also called l’heure bleue, and the ambience evokes deep emotions?

The light changes, and dusk arrives.

I end my run. I look up at the sky again. I cross the road. I prepare for night.


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